Layershift Affiliate Program - how it works

  • What are your commission rates?

    The commission rates for each plan in our Cloud VPS range are detailed below:

    Cloud VPS 1GB - £15
    Cloud VPS 2GB - £30
    Cloud VPS 4GB - £50
    Cloud VPS 8GB - £75
    Cloud VPS 16GB - £100
    Cloud VPS 32GB - £150

    If you normally pay for your Layershift subscriptions in US dollars we will convert the commission using the official exchange rate when we credit it to your Layershift account.

  • How will I receive my commissions?

    We will review your affiliate account once a month and issue a credit on your Layershift hosting account equal to the total value of the commissions earned during the previous month, provided that you meet the set minimum threshold required for a payout, which is £15.

    You will be able to use this credit either to purchase auxiliary services or pay for your existing subscriptions.

  • Which hosting services are included?

    Currently this program is limited to our Cloud VPS range, but we hope to expand it to other products in future. Please let us know if there are any other Layershift services you'd be interested in.
  • How can I become a Layershift partner?

    Our Affiliate Program is open to all existing or previous Layershift customers. We strongly believe that service recommendations should be genuine and made with the intent of helping others, rather than simply for personal gain, so even though we offer a financial reward for every referral, we only encourage clients that have previously used our services and are familiar with the quality of our support to promote us, so that the gap between expectation and reality is as small as possible.

    To become a Layershift Affiliate please click on the 'Create Account' Link and fill in your details. We will then review your account and notify you when access to our affiliate members area has been granted so you can login and get your unique affiliate ID.

  • Are there any restrictions to how many customers I can refer?

    No, you can send over as many customers as you like, there are no limits. However, for a lead to qualify as a referral they must be a new Layershift customer and their subscription with us must be active for at least a whole billing cycle.
  • Do you provide any marketing materials?

    Yes. Once you sign up, you'll get access to a variety of copy and paste marketing tools that you can use immediately to start generate commissions. Each of those marketing tools will have your own unique affiliate link embedded in it so that your referral traffic will be tracked by our affiliate system.
  • Do I get my own unique affiliate URL?

    Yes, you get your very own unique affiliate link that you can immediately use on all of your promotions. Add it to your website, outgoing emails, or even your social media profiles to lead potential customers to us and win commissions for every referral. Each and every click that is generated from your unique affiliate link will be tracked by our affiliate marketing system.

    Your unique Affiliate link is available in the Home page of your Layershift affiliate panel, under "Your unique affiliate link".

  • How do I add your banners on my website?

    Very easy ! Just copy and paste the HTML code of the banner you want to use in the source code of the desired section of your website. All banners and marketing materials are available in your Dashboard under the Marketing tools section.
  • My commission was cancelled. Why?

    If you successfully referred a customer to us but your commission was removed for your account or it's not showing at all, here are some of the possible causes:

    - customer cancelled the subscription in the meantime

    - the commission was issued as a result of a duplicate order and therefore didn't qualify

    - the customer removed the tracking cookie or disabled cookies when placing the order

    Please get in touch with for more details about your commissions.